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Who Am I ?

Who am I? One of the most important questions a human being can ask, and in some shape, form or fashion, will answer in their life. We will answer this question with the words we use, the friends we have, the way we act as well as the beliefs we subscribe to. We all haveContinue reading “Who Am I ?”

Virtual Reality

The other day after playing a round of golf, I went over to my sons house to check out his new toy. An Oculus virtual reality game. I had seen pictures and commercials with individuals standing with what looked to be a set of oversized giant googles afixed to their head, covering their eyes, withContinue reading “Virtual Reality”

This world is a broken place. Yet in the brokeness, you can still see hope in its beauty. After many years of living and experiencing this brokeness, I have come to know there is a way to experience this existance in away that allows you to see the world, in a not so broken way.

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