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This is the Day

How is YOUR day going? Is this a crazy year OR WHAT!! Nothing seems to surprise me anymore. Things I never thought I would see in my lifetime are happening in pairs now. The world seems to have gone off the rails but, should I expect anything less as a Believer? I don’t think so,Continue reading “This is the Day”

Clear as Mud

I hope this post finds you in a good place. In a good mindset. A place of peace and a place of contentment. If you watch the news, no matter what the source or network, you will find your inward parts tied up in a knot. As we continue down the road 2020 has pavedContinue reading “Clear as Mud”

This world is a broken place. Yet in the brokeness, you can still see hope in its beauty. After many years of living and experiencing this brokeness, I have come to know there is a way to experience this existance in away that allows you to see the world, in a not so broken way.

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