The concept of starting over is an essential aspect of being human. It is engrained into the very depths of our heart. You don’t have to have an exceptional memory to remember the last time you had to, wished you could or desired to, start over. My personal list of ‘I wish I could’ start over, from the past is at least a mile long. I personally am a casualty of a broken marriage and lived through the ‘ had to’ start over, in my life. My dad passed away a couple of years ago and our family ‘had to’ start over. We experience this in all aspects of our life. The start over syndrom is such a part of every day life, there is a good chance you will be a casualty of, or thankful for, it today. It is through these exposures to the difficulties of life that we can clearly see, we live in a broken world.

It seems so many times, starting over is born out of a sorrowful or dismal circumstance. Starting over can also be a time of great joy and anticipation. We want a new outlook, experience or direction in the days to come. We would like to move from a time of hurt, pain or disappointment to an era of peace, joy or contentment. We look for a myriad of ways to be healed or free from this brokeness. But many times as we seek this new day in our life experience, the aching does not go away. We continue to feel the buffeting of our circumstances. It is during these moments we realize our circimstances may not immediately change, but our attitude and how we deal with them can or has.

The reason this happens so many times is we forget or have denied the need for the key ingredient. We may have it when we began but lost site of it. Especially when our circumstances begin to change for the better and especially the best! We begin to think that we can sustain this new positive direction in our life by shear determination or the pulling up of our perverbial boot straps. But at some point, our efforts will exhaust and we will be snapped back into the reality that we live in and are part of a broken world.

The brokeness we live in is not a new thing to humanity. Mankind has always cheated, lied, stolen, raped, pilaged, plundered and murdered. It is also not new to us that people believe they can outgrow these tendencies by doing good and being better, that our behavior will evolve or we can rid ourselves of these evil tendencies through education, knowledge and technology. But it is possible to overcome this brokeness. Stay with me. There is Hope!

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Wide range of interest. Dad, husband, pilot, sailor, hiker, biker, lover of the lake, ocean and lover of Jesus.

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