A Past Vision

We hunger for hope. We thirst for purpose. There is an innate desire in us that senses and searches for something more. This desire is intensified by the beauty we see in the brokenness. We see it in a sunset, in the sunrise over the ocean, in the eyes of a newborn child and in a clear starry night. There is beauty all around us every day if we will take the time to look for it. It was designed that way. When God looked around after each and every element and addition to this universe, God looked around and said, He saw that it was good. Guess what? This is not just the millions of stars, moons, planets and galaxies. It is not just the oceans, mountains, rivers and steams. Or even the animals, trees, plants and flowers. It also includes you!, and after finishing all of creation He didn’t just say it was good, He said it was VERY good! The creation of you was very good!

This world was perfect! Life was good. This world lacked the qualities our lives are brimming with now such as fear, anxiety, stress and worry. Food was plentiful, water and air were clean and work was enjoyable. There was no global warming or climate change. There was no sickness, disease or covid-19. Relationships were healthy as well. Love, joy peace and contentment ruled the day. I am not sure what your perfect world would look like, but it sounds to me like that world was pretty close to perfect.

So what happened? How can this world move from perfection to the experience we have today. From the very beginning, human beings have had choices to make. We make daily choices like what we wear, what we eat or where we are going. We make critical decisions like what we are going to do with our lives to fulfill our purpose, will I date and if so who, If I choose to marry, who will it be. The eventual decision in these choices make up the current, as well as the future, direction of our existence. In many instances, it is these decisions that allowed us to arrive at a state of brokenness, just as it did in the beginning. We have not changed, we have not evolved. We want to make our own decisions. we want to make our own choices, and we don’t want anyone telling us what to do with our lives.

The first couple on the earth had the same dilemma. They had to make a decision on the ultimate choice in life. Are we going to trust God or not. Do words mean anything? Is there such things as truth and lies. Did God Really Say? Does God Really Say? They did just as we do many times today and exchanged the truth and the word of God for a lie. At that very moment in time, brokeness entered the world and the decay of society began. Adam and Eve began to hungar for the perfect world they had known before and thirst for the relationship with God that had been broken. But the beautiful thing is that God, in His great Love and Faithfulness, knew ahead of time the choice that would be made. He knew the choices you and I would make, and a way was already prepared to restore the brokeness to the original intended design. Hope and Restoration was on the way!

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day. Genesis 1:31


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Wide range of interest. Dad, husband, pilot, sailor, hiker, biker, lover of the lake, ocean and lover of Jesus.

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