Filling the More

So since our last converstation, have you noticed or looked deep within yourself to see if you noticed this hole inside? Have you attempted to make an honest determination of the things you are trying to fill this hunger with? From another perspective, what makes you happy, what drives you or even what do you use to attempt to suppress or take your attention off of reality? Have you given any thought as to why what motivates you, motivates you? Are you just caught up in the pursuit of the american dream? We all attempt to fill the hole in some shape form or fashion, conscious or unconciously. I also want to make you aware, as we look at some of the ways we try to fill or fullfill our desires, that these desires may indeed resemble an imitaion of the original purpose God has planned for you. So let’s look at a few of the many ways we try to Fill the More.

Relationships have been the most important designed component of your existance since the beginning of time. We were not made to live life alone. Now I am not speaking soley of marriage or saying you must be married to experience this relationship, but that is the avenue that drives us alot of times. Yes, that is the way we procreate, but it is not a command from the Lord that we must get married. In fact Paul stated being married could split your focus between the affairs of the world and the affairs of God. But as a man, and speaking from experience, some humans are more sensual than others and it can be better to get married than have a passion that is not satisfied. If this is the case, you can be focused continually on sensual things which can lead to all types of sin, and in this case, it would be better to be married. But the relationship that drives the, Fill the More, is your relationship with the Lord. Your relationship with the Lord is reinforced with relationships that encourage, support and hold you accountable in the ways of the Lord. These types of relationships keep you anchored in the good times and are your support in the bad times. But too many times, we use relationships for mere sensual and selfish desires. They are nothing more than a long, or short term, sexual encounter and we think this passion will fill the relationship hole. And, like most sin, it can; on a very short term. The excitement and fullfilment you begin with will evaporate over time and the emptiness will return, so you will change partners, experiment and try all sorts of avenues to sustain the pleasure. On the other end of the spectrum is the misconception that you CAN do life alone. You don’t need any help from anyone because you are strong and independent! Your theory is people just hold you back, they can’t be trusted or they will turn their back on you when it is inconvenient to stick by your side. But sooner or later, and time after time, you will be snapped back into the void of your brokeness. In the words of The Rolling Stones, ‘ I can’t get no, satisfaction’.

Possessions are the way a majority of the American population seek to Fill the More. Possessing Jesus and the Holy Spirit He offers are what will Fill the More. He is the treasure your soul is searching for. From the time we can begin to communicate it is engrained in us from culture, and even our parents, we need more. We need to be successful, we need a good education so we can get a good job or start our own business, we need a pretty wife or a handsome husband, we need to be attractive and stylish, we need a nice car and home. Is there anything wrong with owning a boat and going fishing or golf clubs and going to play golf? Sure there’s not. Or what about a spa day and a new outfit with matching shoes? Surely not. But when we spend and buy to fulfill a desire, we need to be careful it is not Filling the More that Jesus is wanting to fill. Trying to Fill the More with possessions is a bottomless pit. When the newness of your possessions and stuff wears off, you will be snapped right back into your brokeness. In the words of one of my favs, The O’Jays, ‘Money Money Money Money!’ NOPE, won’t do it.

The ways are endless, Drugs and Alcohol, Doing Good, Suicide, our Jobs and the list goes on and on. What makes you happy? What are your dreams, desires and goals in life? How do you spend your spare time? What are your hobbies? Again, there is nothing wrong with any of these persuits but do not be deceived, they can ALL be ways you disquise your persuit of, Filling the More. The reality is, God calls, pulls and tugs at us from all different angles, situations and circumstances but we do our best to ignore Him. Just like a kid with his fingers in his or her ears, eyes closed saying La La La La La over and over in a loud enough voice to drown out the words of warning their best friend is speaking to them. No matter who, where or how we attempt to Fill the More, at some point in time, we will all be snapped back into the realization that we live in a Broken World and there MUST be more to life than what we are experiencing.

If nothing in this world satisfies me, maybe it is because I was made for another world.

C.S. Lewis

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