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Pick a Side

I am not a historian, but the things that are occurring in our world today seem to be unprecedented to me, at least in my mind. The last memory of normalcy I can remember seems to be Christmas ’19, New Years ’20 and the LSU Tigers claiming the college football national championship. Ahhhhh, those wereContinue reading “Pick a Side”

Back to the Future

In 1985 the movie Back to the Future starring, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, made its debut in theaters about a crazy scientist who believed he had successfully created a way to to make time travel possible. The movie proceeded to become the highest grossing film of the year. I can understand why. IContinue reading “Back to the Future”

This world is a broken place. Yet in the brokeness, you can still see hope in its beauty. After many years of living and experiencing this brokeness, I have come to know there is a way to experience this existance in away that allows you to see the world, in a not so broken way.

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